fsc830z-(1).jpg Environmental Stewardship

“Environmentally friendly”. We wear that label proudly.

We’re also working to advance the entire print industry. As a founding member of the Sustainable Green Printing Steering Committee, we work with Printing Industries of American and the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation to lead the industry in environmental responsibility. The SGP encourages and promotes participation in the worldwide movement to reduce environmental impact and increase social responsibility of the print and graphic communication industry. In addition to the SGP initiatives, we are certified by the Rainforest Alliance to the Forest Stewardship Council ™standards, an organization dedicated to responsible forest management.

“...a founding member of the Sustainable Green Printing Steering Committee...”

Creating sustainable green printing practices. We live it everyday as we seek out and implement programs that identify and improve environmental operating efficiencies.

It means we are committed to providing you with green options through sustainable production processes that focus on energy management and environmentally friendly operations.

We actively seek out and apply programs, processes, and technology to conserve energy, water, improve air quality, and reduce waste. And we work with our suppliers to ensure they are providing materials compliant with sustainability initiatives.

Our sustainability investments have reaped significant environmental benefits, reducing our overall environmental impact and minimizing our carbon footprint. At Hess Print Solutions, we have:

  • Reduced natural gas consumption by 50% by installing new controls
  • Removed 1.2mm KW per year from the power grid with energy efficient lighting
  • Lowered energy consumption by decreasing the number of running air compressors and lowering dryer temperatures by 50ºF on four dryers
  • Reduced hazardous waste steam by recycling waste from sheetfed press with a new solvent recovery unit
  • Decreased hazardous waste shipment quantities by 50%

We’re also recycling – and in every way possible. Recycling programs in the pressroom, bindery and office areas includes everything from office paper to printing plates and spent roll cores to reconditioned wood-based pallets.